This Terms and all and any agreements and conditions related thereto shall be governed by Curaçao law. The competent state court in Curaçao will have exclusive jurisdiction in any matter arising from or related to this Agreement. However, this shall not prevent us from bringing any action in the court of any other jurisdiction for injunctive or similar relief. The English language version of this Agreement will prevail over any other language version issued by us.

By 'complaint' we allude to a complaint you hold about any form of our conduct in relation to your dealings with us and by 'dispute' we refer to either a complaint which is not resolved or a disagreement which is connected to the outcome of a gambling transaction on the Website or any services or products accessible through the Website.

If you have a complaint, you are requested to contact the Customer Support team immediately. Complaints must be sent as soon as circumstances arise.

We will attempt to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our handling of your complaint, you may ask the Customer Support Team to escalate the matter to a manager.

We reserve the right to save all communications with you and any other person connected to your complaints or disputes. If there is a dispute as to the contents of any such communication, reference will be made to such records and to our transaction database which, in the absence of any adverse evidence, shall be decisive.

You consent that any complaints or disputes are confidential whilst a decision is being sought and thereafter. You agree not to reveal the existence, nature or any part of any complaints or disputes to any third party. Any failure to abide by this secrecy obligation is considered to be a breach of the Terms and in such a case, we reserve the right to discontinue looking for a resolution to your complaint or dispute.

If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint by Company, you may report a complaint to the Curaçao Gaming Authority .