The company Roulette Gaja B.V. is not responsible for any kind of server problems or other technical problems, slowdown or other disturbances that may occur while using the website or any of our services. If we determine that there are reasonable grounds for a refund, refunds will be made individually at their own discretion.

Also, we will not be responsible for any damages or losses incurred in connection with, or due to problems with the server or other technical problems, any slowing down or other problems that may occur during the workings of the website, transferring of its contents, loss or damage of data, any problems in communications, or any individual misuse of website, or for any other damages or losses that may occur.

If the game has started but was discontinued due to a breakdown in Roulette Gaja System, 'Worivo' LTD will refund the amount you have put into the game, by returning it on your account.

If the game has started but was interrupted due to failure of your system, or because of network problems, will not refund the amount you put into the game. If the game has passed through the system server, will consider that the game is finished. This includes withdrawal of the invested amount and the approval of all gains incurred as a result of the game.

In the case of a malfunction of Online Roulette Gaja system, all bets will be void.

If, due to a technical error, the gains are not added to your online account, you must immediately stop playing and inform the Roulette Gaja. The transactions of the game will be checked, tested and corrected.

These Rules and any future amendments are applied on the day of publication on the website of the Organizer, after obtaining the consent of the authorities.

For the settlement of disputes between the Participants and the Organizer jurisdiction has Court in Curaçao.

Cooling off Period

The Organizer allows the Participant to set a personal limit to the game, the amount of deposit or the amount of the loss allowed for a certain period of time; the maximum is 15 days. Participant contacts the Administrator by e-mail, asking for his personal limit in the game to be set.

The Organizer allows the Participant the possibility of personal exclusion from the game for a certain period of time or permanently. Self-exclusion, including permanent exclusion will be activated if the Participant contacts the Administrator via e-mail in writing, requesting he was to be restricted from playing on a specific period of time or permanently.

The Organizer will notify the Participant on the imposed personal limitations, requirements and when they come into force, and no later than 48 hours of the request.

Also, if it is impossible to meet the requirements of the Participant, the Organizer will inform the Participant.

Required personal game limitations, the requests for exclusion and other requirements must be in accordance with the Rules issued by the Organizer and announced to all participants.

As a responsible Organizer and within regulations and its own principles, we are committed to implement measures and standards on the protection of Participants of excessive gaming.

On the website of the Organizer a document on responsible gambling is placed. It contains the test of addiction and information about providing assistance in case of problems associated with excessive playing.