We urge you to act with responsibility in setting limits for gambling on our website. Our Customer Support team will gladly advise you and set your deposit limits for you. We do not take responsibility if you try to by-pass these limits in any legal or illegal way.

We respect and encourage self-control and self-imposed avoidance of gambling. To this end we give you the option of taking a break from gambling on the Website for your chosen time frame of day/week/month, per your request. During this period, you will not be able to access games or deposit/bet/wager in any way.

You can choose to close your Account for an indefinite period of time, in which case we will remove you from our mailing lists and return any balance to you. Once closed, you may contact us and request to re-open your Account in the future. We may treat any such request as a request to open a new Account, and we may request that you once again provide any information you have already provided to us.

We will encourage you and assist you in your efforts of self-exclusion or imposing of limits and stop sending you marketing materials. However, we cannot prevent gambling/receiving marketing material being delivered to you from other parties, casinos or websites, therefore extending your self-exclusion/limitation action to all other gambling services is solely your responsibility.

You are not classified as a compulsive gambler and have not previously self-excluded from this Website and/or any other gambling website.